Auto incremental numeric field into Deal



need your help to know if it's possible to create an auto incremental numeric field into a deal.

I have a numeric field "Numero Offerta" into a Deal.

I want to set the start value "20180001"

I need that field will start form 0 for every new deal; when the deal stage will change into a specific deal stage (Formal Offer) the field should be automatically incremented +1 respect tha last value of  the last deal changed to Formal Offer.

 thanks in advance, Attilio


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Hi @attilioorelli


There is no automated way to increase a deal property within HubSpot. 


If you can share a bit more about your general deal process and how the numbers play into your greater deal process, along with what HubSpot subscription you have, perhaps the Community can come up with some suggestions for you! 




Thanks Jenny,

I'm using the Sales Professional version; find here below a description of our sales process.

Into Deals we create a customized property "Proposal Number" which will be not valorized until the deal stage become to Deal Stage 4 -> Formal Offer

Create new deal

Deal Stage 1-> Potential opportunity

Deal stage 2 -> Demo

Deal Stage 3 -> Draft Proposal

Deal Stage 4 -> Formal Offer

At Deal Stage 4 we need to emitt a Formal Offer document with a customized Proposal Number: 2018XXXX

The proposal number must be unique and will start from 0001 every year: 20180001 for year 2018; 20190001 for year 2019 and so on.

The proposal number must be automatically increased by 1 every time a member of the team will change the deal stage of a Deal from Deal Stage 3 to Deal Stage 4.

- Hubspot Deal Number deal/263764277 (Deal Stage 3) -> Proposal Number "null"
- Hubspot Deal Number deal/258774234 (Deal Stage 4) -> Proposal Number "20180001"
If we change deal 263764277 from deal stage 3 to Deal Stage 4 -> Proposal Number "20180002"


Hope to be clear.

Thanks for your help.

Bye, Attilio

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Hi Attilio, how did you solve the problem ?


Community Manager

Hello @RonSeagull@emansanti wanted to share a deal workflow option to increase the amount on a numeric property :




Hope this information helps.




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Hi Attilio,


Two years down the road, did you find a fix for this need to auto incrementa Deal Field as I am facing the same requirement here. Thanks in advance.