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Hi team,


We have Deal property "Reseller".  Reseller is a company object with specific property. And the number of  Resellers constantly grows. The property has "single line text" type.  So we have to fill this property manually and the same item may be written different. But we would like to have "Reseller" deal property type as dropdown list with single choise, which is being formed by different filters and updated automatically when new Reseller is added or deleted from the system.  So we could see which deal are assigned to a specific reseller. How can we do this?

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Hey @Ivan_Sh,


So there's not a particularly easy solution here.  What I would recommend doing is creating the dropdown field with your resellers as you suggest, this list would grow over time but you'll just have to add those values in as needed.


But to fix your current reseller with the new one you could make a mapping workflow where you map "If reseller contains Bryantworks" > YES > Set deal property "Reseller New" > Bryantworks.  


The other solution is to export all deals and fix this with excel lookups and then reimport them using a Deal ID.  


Does that make sense?