Auto Email from LeadFeeder

Hi Hubspot friends. I'm hoping you'll be able to at least point me in the right direction.

First here's our setup:

  • Hubspot CRM (currently free version)
  • WordPress Web Site
  • Leadfeeder

When you install the code from Leadfeeder on your site, it will identify the company of the user visiting your site and send you a notification.

What we would like to do is automate it so that when a visitor from a company in our database visits the site, an email is automatically sent to them.

Here's a use case:

1. John Smith from ABC Company visits our site.

2. Leadfeeder detects a visit from ABC Company and sends a notification to HubSpot.

3. Hubspot looks up ABC Co. and sees that we have one contact for that company - John Smith.

4. Hubspot sends an email to John Smith - something like "Thanks for stopping by. Can we answer any questions for you..."


Is this a possibility? Would I need a HubSpot partner to build out this functionality?





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Thought Leader | Elite Partner

Auto Email from LeadFeeder

Hello, @TiphaineCuisset thank you for tagging me in.


Hi @RMarriage,


Yes, this is possible to achieve by a custom integration (if Leadfeeder doesn't have it).


Using API you can find the company and associated contacts and then log the engagement to all or specific role-based contact and enable the workflows automation based on those triggers.


My team at MakeWebBetter offers custom app development services and you can contact us for any kind of help or developing this integration for you.



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Community Manager

Auto Email from LeadFeeder

Hi @RMarriage 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this @himanshurauthan @Josh @JonPayne do you have any thoughts for @RMarriage on this? 


Thank you!



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