Attributing the lead source of a contact to a Closed/Won Deal


Under the CRM, it would be extremely useful to have a view of what sources the closed/won deals (i.e. conversion) have generated from. 


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I completely agree here. However I'm not sure what your sales process looks like, but when we close a deal we have a tendancy to work with multiple contacts in the organization before we close the deal, so being able to associate the original contact and source would be an extreme benefit!!


I don't know how this isn't an immediate add. I showed my metrics to the onboarding team when we signed up in April and they said this was doable... every deal could be tracked backed to a specific lead, campaign, contact, company, etc. Right now, I can't even do this by exporting both contacts (where lead source is originally filled out) and exporting all the deals because the contact isn't automatically tagged to the deal. but because they are two different tables / Databases, you can't do a vlookup in excel cause there isn't a common thread between the two. HIGHLY recommend fixing this cause it was supposed to be done already when i signed / paid.