Associating new deals with contacts in Android

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I am new to hubspot and testing it. We can NOT create new deals in Android and associate those deals with existing or new contacts. We can on a PC. Help!

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Hey @ScottDC can you share more information about exactly how you are attempting to asscoiciate contacts/deals and where you are hitting a roadblock. 

I don't use android myself, so I'm not 100% sure if this functionality is possible. 

@vishnu are you able to confirm?

HubSpot Product Team

This is a current limitation of the Android app where we don't allow in-app associating of contacts to deals. If a deal is already associated with a contact (from desktop), you can still see this association on mobile.


That said, we are currently re-thinking how we handle associations on both iOS and Android. Stay tuned on that front!

Vishnu M.
Product Manager, Mobile