Associating custom property fields with a date


I am hoping someone has figured out a hack for this. We have item numbers that expire on a certain date. I can create custom fields for the item number and I can create a date picker for expiration date. But they aren't synced to each other. So no workflow to remind a customer when they are expiring, etc. 

I thought about opening a service ticket for each and every item but that just feels insane and too manual. 

Is anyone else struggling with this? Wondering why some fields can't be date oriented.


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Hi @DMurphy1,


I assume that a customer can have more than one of your products (item numbers), correct?


Do you want to notify them in advance of expiration or after expiration?


I think you can accomplish what you're looking to do with a workflow(s). It will be possible, but complex. In the end, it won't be manual.


Happy to discuss further with you if you book some time.



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