Associating contact activity to specific deals


Because we sell through distribution, we often have the same distributor contact record added to multiple deals. The issue we're running into is any email from that distributor contact gets logged to all deals they're associated with. We end up with deals with many unrelated email threads logged.


I understand you can go through a deal record manually and use the "Associated with X records" checklist to filter through and remove specific email threads. Is there any way to set this up automatically? Perhaps using the Deal ID in the email subject and creating a workflow to filter through that way?

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Hey @dhoeppner , sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I've run into the same issue as you describe.  Currently there is no way to automatically disassociate records, sounds like a good idea for the forum!

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@Bryantworks any work arounds you use?


@dhoeppner dont forget to post the idea forum link here so we can  upvote.