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Hello, what is the best way to organise Associated Companies for our different husbpot teams in different locations? Here is my scenario...

We have a sales manager in UK (part of the UK hubspot team) and a sales manager in US (part of the US hubspot team). They both have contacts in company X and their email addresses have the same company domain. 

Should i create difference associate companies? Is that even possible? Or do i just create different company names e.g Company X UK and Company X US? Or do I create a parent company and child companies? 

I'm just looking for the best was to set up companies and contacts for the same company but in different locations.

Also, in hubspot you can only have one owner of a company, but can you have a different owner for the child company? 

We have an app that creates contacts through an API integration and it will associate a contact with a company based on the email domain - so will that always be connected to the "parent/associate" company?




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HI @AllisonAltus,


@KyleJepson discusses how to handle this sort of scenario in this thread, including using the parent/child company feature.


If you're importing companies from the same domain, @Anonymous offers some suggestions here.


Let us know if you have further questions or concerns regarding this set up.


Thank you,


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