Associate deal to company with Workflow


I am using Zapier to create deals in my Hubspot Pipeline from a Briefing Form qe get from (just a form builder).

I need that the deal is associated with both a lead and a company (this is a must). In our use case, the company is 95% of the times already in the CRM.

So, in Zapier, i use the action Find or Create a company in Hubspot, based on teh website of the company.

However, even if the website provided already exists in Hubspot, Zapier is creating a new company, with the exact same data as the existing one, which causes us a lot of trouble as it generates a conflict with another integration we have with a prospecting tool.

Has anyone suffered from this issue with Zapier? Do you know a way where I can create the association between a company and a deal using a workflow? I haven't been able to set this...

Thanks a lot!

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Community Manager

Associate deal to company with Workflow

Hello, @ialonso thank you for the information provided! I wanted to add to this conversation some top experts @lynton @Ben_M @GeorgeBThomas any recommendations to @ialonso?


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