Assigning deals depending on already owned deals


I have a customer with 5 sales people assigned to handle the incoming deals. They want each sales rep to have a maximum of 15 deals, if they get below this amount, thay should be assigned to a new one. So eg. 3 sales people have 15 deals in their pipeline, and the 4 and 5th salesperson have 8 and 10 deals. Then it should assign the oldest deals avaliable to the 4 and 5 sales person and not assign any to the one already on 15. If everybody is on 15, then it will assign the oldest deal to the first who is under 15. 

Is  this doable by Operationshub?

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Assigning deals depending on already owned deals

Any movement on this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Assigning deals depending on already owned deals

Hi @APetersen23


Thank you for your inquiry. 


I'd like to involve some of our experts in the conversation to review whether they have any suggestions for you or if they have encountered a similar case in their experience and how they resolved it.


Hi @coldrickjack, @HFisher7, @FranciDo any of you happen to have any suggestions for @APetersen23?


Thank you all for your contributions.


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