Assigning a weekly list of tasks to multiple users

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I'd like to assign tasks to two members of my team at the start of each week so that they can both work on them. How do I best achieve this - should I assign each task to myself and then set up a queue for that particular week (eg Week of 4 Nov 2019)?

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Hi @mimsims2019,


Your solution sounds like a great option! I want to tag in some subject matter experts to get their advice.


@Nynke_HM@HubSpotMaster@Krystina do you have any tips for @mimsims2019?


Thank you,

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@mimsims2019 sounds complicated to me. I'd pick one of them and then have the other select that person under tasks.  I am not sure of permissions on this.


SoI often check others tasks and fill in as needed.