Assigning Contact Owners


Can anyone tell me what the value of assigning a record owner is? I know you can see their website revisit notifications, is there anything else? (we are not integrated with our other CRM FYI)

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Hi @ErinK


The value of assigning contact owners depends a bit on what systems you have for marketing and sales. 


Within the HubSpot Marketing Hub for example, contact owner can be used to personalise marketing emails that are sent on the platform. I.e. the from name and email, and the signature can be automatically populated with the owner information. 


If you have access to workflows, then contact owners can be sent emails notifcations or assigned tasks relating to contacts or deals. 


And assigning contact owner allows you to control which contacts different users can see, for example setting salespeople to see 'only owned contacts' rather than 'everything'. 


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies