Ask for property during company creation if a condition is fulfilled


Dear HubSpot community,


It is possible to set the properties all users in your account see when creating contacts and companies. However, I want to set it up in a way that a specific property is asked for only if a specific property has previously been selected in the process.


To make it specific, the user should first select a value for the property "market segment". Depending on the selected value for "market segment", the user should then be asked for additional properties depending on which market segment has been selected.



Let's say there are two possible market segments: "distributors" and "medical practices". If "distributors" is selected, the user should be asked for the additional property "number of customers". If "medical practice" is selected, the user should be asked for the additional property "number of physicians".


Is there any way to set it up like this?


Or is it possible to structure the properties in the company creation process in a way that they are divided into different categories that each have a headline (e.g. a category with the headline "market segment")?


I appreciate your help.


Best regards

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@z_deepc what is your Hubspot subscription level?  I use Free so do not have access to workflows to see if this could help you.


@gelflex-cc I am currently using the free version. However, looking at workflows I am not sure how they would help since the additional properties would still need to be selected by a user and cannot be automated. Also, as far as I understand they do not allow to change the company creation form within HubSpot itself?