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Hi there! My name is Raichel Simon and I have a Tech support company, name, Digitalbulls at Florida, United States. We help people to Fix Computer Problems through online computer tech support, With live tech support we provide online tech classes to the people who really want to improve his/her skill. I am a writer and consultant in IT with Digitalbulls for just over 2 years.

As I am now live in HubSpot, I am here to help you get started with tech support topic and navigate the new world of IT - Technical Support. You can ask me anything about Computer Tech Support, Computer will not boot up, blue screen of death, Free virus scanner, Trojan Remover, Adware remover, Email support, Phone support, Printer Support, Web Browser, Antivirus, Pop up blocker, computer diagnostics, computer running slow, Clear Cookies, Router Configuration, Webmail Support, PC Cleaner, Online Technical Training, How to Backup Computer, Disk Defragmentation. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll go away and find it for you.

I’ll be available anytime 24/7, and will be checking in frequently to answer your questions.


Let’s get started!



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Hi @Digitalbulls


Welcome to the Community! I am glad that you have found this space for conversations regarding HubSpot and Inbound methodolgy. I wanted to share the Community Guidelines as a reminder that all conversations and questions that are posted here should begin and remain focused on HubSpot. 


Let me know if you have any questions regarding this and Happy HubSpotting.


Thank you, 


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