Apply 'Account Defaults' to all existing contacts


We have recently gone through and adjusted the order of contact properties displayed (and added some new properties). However for existing contacts the change is not showing (they are showing the old property order). So far the only way I've found to have an existing contact show the new order/fields is  go into the contact, click 'view all properties', and on the left side click 'Reset to Account Defaults'. THEN the changes are shown.


Is there a way to do that in bulk? to 'Reset to Account Defaults' all existing contacts? 

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Hello @ILikeCandles 

HubSpot allows quite a bit of customization for the left sidebar of the Contact, Company, Deal, and Ticket records. To customize and save global settings:

1. Go to the Settings menu (top right "gear icon" in the main navigation. 

2. In the left side menu Click Properties

3. Click the 3rd tab labeled Records Customization










4. In the Actions menu select Edit 

5. Add a new Section (if you're using HubSpot free, this will not be an option)

6. Search and Select from the left menu to add your desired properties. Click and drag the left side dots to adjust the order. 

7. Be sure to Save when finished. 



Depending upon your HubSpot tier, you can also create specific views for specific teams. 

If you're using HubSpot Free - the view will be more like this:











I hope this helps. If it does, please mark it as a solution to help others in the community. Thank you. 

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Hi @ILikeCandles,


It sounds like you set up the defaults in the "About" sidebar section, which is the main HubSpot CRM left sidebar by default. As you are finding out, if you change those default sidebar properties and the order, it will not change for existing users. However, it will be set up correctly from the start for new users. 


I'd recommend creating a custom sidebar using the steps that @willsmith illustrated that will replace your "About" section in the sidebar. Call it something like, "Contact Info."


Here are the steps:


Step 1) You'll have to re-set up your properties and the order in the new custom sidebar section. This is a globally controlled section, so you can control what is displayed from your central HubSpot settings. 

2020-01-04 21_58_27-Property settings.png


Step 2) Since you can't get rid of the "About" section, minimize the number of properties in the "About" section (even down to 1 or 2) to reduce clutter and confusion. This will cover any new users.


Step 3) In your next sales meeting, have your sales team do two things live:

  • Drag the new "Contact Info" section above the "About" section in the left sidebar. 
  • Have them manually remove properties from their "About" section by resetting to the default (as you pointed out) or by doing it one by one if they have properties on there that are mportant to specific reps.


You can decide if you want to let sales reps know that they can still add properties to their "About" panel if they find them useful. You may also want to put a process in place for reps to suggest new global properties for you to add for the whole team.


After you complete these steps, you will have two left sidebars.

  1. One main section that is globally controlled by you so you don't need to go through this again.
  2. A secondary section below it (the old About section) with only a few properties where reps can add their own properties if you want them to.


Hope this solution helps! Good luck.


@joshua-paul  Is this still the best way to accomplish this? Your post is great - just making sure there hasn't been a new feature added that allows an organization to revert existing users to the default view?