Any tips on "pausing" or easily avoiding a contact in your sales/CRM email activities?


I have a sales-related question about cold leads (no fun, right?). One of my clients has a very long sales cycle—some of their potential leads are under contract with a competitor until 2021, for example.


In some instances where the lead is expected to be cold for a couple of years, they don't want to include those leads in their typical email activities so as to avoid seeming spammy, and occasionally a contact actually requests a break from emails since they aren't considering new partners for quite some time.


Without opting those contacts of emails, is there a convenient way anyone has found to manage an exclusion list—or to note in the CRM that the contact shouldn't be contacted?


This client is not using HubSpot Sales Professional, unfortunately, and aren't Enterprise, so although my inclination is to get them into lead scoring I also know that being limited to the manual route is going to create a struggle—they are new to using a CRM and slow to adopt new technology (or any new process really) overall.


Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Hi @denae    Perhaps @Phil_Vallender could provide some insight here?


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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Hi @denae


What sort of email acitvity are we looking to supress here? Marketing emails through HubSpot Marketing? Or one-to-one sales emails facilitated by the CRM? 


If it is the former, and the client has Marketing Pro and, hence, access to workflows, the solution probably lies in creating some sort of 'do not email' property seperate to the opt-out function, and then implementing a) policies to exlcude a list of these contacts from batch mailsand supress them from workflows, and b) new workflows to temporarily unsubscribe them to any blog digest or RSS email templates. 


I hope this helps. If I've missed the mark, let me know. 

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies

Hello @Phil_Vallender, thanks for weighing in! 


For this situation, I'm referring only to CRM emails, since even if we opt them out of emails they could still accidentally receive a message through the CRM while the sales user is powering through her list of leads. 


I agree that the best solution seems to simply be either a property or a list (and filtering for their membership in the list in a view) and a new procedure making use of the property or list that keeps the contact out of the sales user's follow-up process. I wasn't sure if there was something I was missing that would be easier on the user—it seems to me that this must be a concern for others but perhaps not. 


Thank you for your thoughts, it provides me with some confidence in my reasoning!