Any sync issues with Gmail to CRM Contact lately?

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Hi guys


since a few weeks i get not allways emails from the same contact synced with the contact in CRM and have to forward it manually in gmail. Is not the email the key value to sync an email to a crm contact. I send an email to my contact and the reply doesnt gets synced. Havent found any solution yet and its not with all contacts....

Any ideas ?


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@Bmacuser , I wonder if the tracking image was not included in some of the replies you get. Personally, I am not seeing anything but I would also look at your settings for HubSpot in Gmail.


Hope that helps, otherwise I would call support and submit a ticket.

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Hi @Bmacuser 


This article looks at some of the most common reasons why email replies aren't logging in HubSpot and trouble shooting tips. 

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@Bmacuser I would be helpful to know what browser you are using. Are the emails being sent through HubSpot or Gmail? If you are responding to an email then try responding inside HubSpot rather than from Gmail.