Any advice on managing contacts as individuals

I run a company that sells wholesale tours to both business clients (on behalf of end clients) and direct to retail clients.


I am using Hubspot to manage leads who work for my potential corporate customers. It really works well.


Now I would also like to begin using Hubspot to sell tours to indididual retail clients. I would therefore welcome any recomendations for how to use Hubspot for this purpose. 


We are a very small company, with only one sales manager who is responsible for both corporate and retail clients (so I can't assign them to a different user), however,  

it will be crucial that retail clients are kept seperate to corporate customers as they are handled in a completely different way. 


Thank you for your advice or suggestions.

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Any advice on managing contacts as individuals

Hii @SteveVenton 


For such business I would suggest managing other type of business in a completely new CRM account to keep the clients data segmented.. But if you are using paid tools, one way could be creating custom tags/roles for contacts in HubSpot. This would help you to set the type of customer a contact can be and hence you will get better lists and reports.


Hope this help