Annoying label requirements

Anyone else get annoyed when they try to post something, HS requires labels, yet it won't take the ones you add? I just created a post that involved editing fonts in HS, HS requires labels, yet it wouldn't take the ones really associated with the post. Bizarre, IMHO. Here's hoping others have the same issue & one day HS fixes this.


Like this:


Add a label:

The following labels are not available here: font, text, edit

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Annoying label requirements

Hi @CChristensen 


Thank you for reaching out and for this feedback. 


This is expected behaviour as we have changed the way we use labels on the Community, you can find more information regarding this on this post. This has been done in an effort to make the content more accessible and easier to find. You can also find in the post all the labels you can use. 


Thank you



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