Anbody Interested in Automated Contact Validation?

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Hey fellow Hubspotters!
Would any of you or your clients like to have their Hubspot contacts validated (email, phone#, title, company) on an automated cycle - weekly, monthly.

- 2-5% of business contacts go bad every month
- 40% of marketing lists fatigue out of campaigns 
- 52% of marketers don't trust their data 
- Average job tenure is now 14 months 
- We've added 25% more sales by engaging with replacement point of contacts


Our tool connects to Hubspot's CRM to validate your contacts are still valid (email, phone, title, company) and offer to find the replacement.

You can get more details here:


Please share your thoughts or questions about the product/solution.


We're looking for 10 trial users if you would like to try for free.


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Hey Steven, great idea to post to the community.  We were happy to be one of their first trial clients and are pleased with the initial results.  Looking forward to driving more positive returns from the data we have spent thousands for from trade shows and other data sources.  In our mind, the key is to 1) get good data to start  with then 2) maintain it's integrity.