Amount deal - How to customise the property

Hi Community,


The "amount deal" is updated with the sum of the Product Total prices. However, as we are working in the finance industry, I need to calculate the product price which is the monthly interest. 

The monthly interest = (interest rate * (loan amount / term))

I can create new fields on the deal (because I can not create a property with a calculation type field on the product):

- "Interest rate"

- "Loan amount"

- "Term"

- "Monthly interest "(calculation format)


This "monthly interest" is my Product Price. How can I update the product "unit price" and the deal "amount" (we can not change the "Amount" property)?


Thank you for your help,

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HubSpot Alumni

Amount deal - How to customise the property

Hi @PriscillaMB,


Thanks for reaching out.

I wanted to share this article about calculated properties with you.

As the "deal amount" is a HubSpot default property you won't be able to edit it, but it's possible to create a new custom property.


I hope this helps.

Take care!



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