Am I limited to 100 contacts before I am charged?

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I'm just starting out a business and am looking to be cost effective. I read that the CRM is free but once you add 100 contacts ( which also goes into Marketing) I'm then charged $100. Can someone clarify? I have 500 personal contacts I want to add...but don't want to be charged $100 a month at this stage. 



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Hi @cammac 


You can use the HubSpot CRM Free if you have less than 1 million Contacts.


If you upgrade to HubSpot Marketing Starter then it starts at $50 USD per month and it includes 1,000 Contacts.


Please note:


In Marketing Starter if you have 1,100 Contacts you would go up to the next "Contact Tier" which would cost an additional $20 USD per month, per additional 1,000 Contacts. It's $50 USD, per additional 1,000 Contacts, for Marketing Pro.


If you increase your Contact count to the next tier (in paid plans) then your Contact count won't go back down if you delete Contacts. For example if you had 900 Contacts and imported 200 you would go up to the next tier. If you deleted 101 to get under 1,000 Contacts you would still stay at the 2,000 tier. This is to stop people gaming the system.


Here's some more information:



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I'm confused. Free for 1 million contacts, but when you join Starter, you can only have 1,000 contacts and are charged incrementally from there? Why would anyone upgrade if they're going to be downgraded in number of contacts? What am I getting wrong?

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Hi @webidextrous,


While you do start to pay by contacts, you gain access to additional functionalities and a fuller product experience with 5X contact tier email send limit per calendar month in marketing starter. By growing with your contact base, your payments will be scaled as you grow.


For full details, I wanted to share the resource @Mike_Eastwood previously linked.


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