Allow sales to view marketing emails from the contact activity feed

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Our sales team view a contact activity feed before reaching out to them, they can see a marketing email has been sent, but they can't see the content of that email.

The hyperlink links to the marketing section of HubSpot to view the email, which the sales team can't access.

I know I could provide sales viewing rights to some marketing stuff, but it becomes complicated because not all would need it.



Provide the ability to view the email preview straight from the activity feed too. So the user can decide if they want to view it in the marketing section or just a preview so they can see what went out.

This would save us a lot of time and frustration between sales and marketing.

Managing access rights to provide sales team members access to 'view' marketing emails takes a lot of time

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We've run into this HubSpot roadblock before and have seen some organizations add their sales team to the CRM (i.e., Lifecycle Stage = 'Other' | Lead Status = 'Unqualified') so they receive marketing emails. This workaround typically falls apart in larger organizations with bigger sales teams and lots of marketing email campaigns.


Maybe add to the Ideas forum?


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Hope that helps.


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