Adding tags to contacts

Problem: To work efficiently in Marketing you need Tags, like in Close, ActiveCampaign and most good CRMs. Unfortunately Hubspot does not support native Tags. A regular custom field does not do the job and Tags are too important for external software.

Feature Request:

Implement native Tags into Hubspot.
Tags should be added and not deleted or overridden


With real Tags, it is easy to label contacts (or other entities) and easily filter contacts based on tags.
New Tags should be created super fast and not in the admin panel.

Furthermore it is relevant, that Tags should always be ADDED and not deleted by merging contacts or enriching contacts.
Unfortunately most of the time Hubspot does not import Tags at all or does delete and override existing Tags by merging or importing contacts, but what is really needed is, that Tags are ADDED next to previously existing Tags.

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Adding tags to contacts

I tried the external add on before. Unfortunately Tags only can be good, if they are within Hubspot natively!


Adding tags to contacts

Thank you for the mention, @MiaSrebrnjak!

@philippstein I would be happy for you to try us out:

Guy Taylor

Community Manager
Community Manager

Adding tags to contacts

Hi @philippstein,


Thank you for sharing your feedback! While this feature currently isn't planned (you can follow the status of this feature request here, where you can also support it by upvoting and sharing your use case), I wanted to suggest the integration HubTags that @GuyTaylor developed. I hope this helps!

Mia, Community Team


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