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I want to create an excel with some company contacts so I can import them all at once. How do I know what fields to choose for the excel, so that the CRM will recognize them? I am somewhat confused between the difference between a company and a contact. Can anyone enlighten me please?


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Hi, @SandraM. Take a look at this resource from HubSpot Academy, that will help explain how to prepare your .csv for import, and detail what the import accomplishes.


Before importing, you may also want to review this help article, which goes into finer detail about the import process in CRM. 


Based on what you're describing, it sounds like you'll be importing both contacts and companies, and you'll want the companies associated with their relevant contacts. This help article describes a specific setting you can use, combined with the data on your .csv's, that will help you ensure the right contacts belong to the right companies. 

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The import directions in Help is the best "how to" to use. You simply create a .csv file and match the Headers to the ones in HS. For instance: Company, Email, Job Title, First Name, Last Name...

If any of your headers don't match, you'll get a notice in HS about it (allowing you to match them). I was told, however, to always keep the first & last names as separate and to be the last items in the spreadsheet.