Adding a custom contact type

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I would like to add a new category of contact type in the dropdown when first adding a contact- I created a new category under 'contact information' in the property settings but the new category does not show under the dropdown options in the contact type. How can I make sure the custom field I created for contact type shows up in that dropdown? thanks! 

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So you created a custom property and put it underneath the Property Group contact information correct?  I believe now you want to make sure that shows up in a contact view? If that is all correct this article will help:


If that's not what you're trying to do then we'll need a little more clarification. 


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Hello @AlexaMC 

If I'm understanding your issue correctly, try setting the properties that will be seen when creating contacts. 

To do this click the Settings gear in the upper right section of the main navigation.

In the left menu click Contacts & Companies then click Manage




Search for your custom property in the search bar. Select the property in the left menu and it is available in the right menu. Click the "dots" to move the position. Check the Required button to make this required when creating contacts. 




Make sure you save when you're finished. 

Create a new contact to make sure the property is there. 



I hope this helps.