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Hi Community,

I have been with working with HubSpot for quite a while now but could not get my head around something that is related to the access rights of users and deal properties.


What I want is that certain properties such as the "amount/sum of a deal" should not be viewable since it is not every users concern. I have been changing settings but it looks like no matter if someone has the right to view "everything, team or owned" for the viewable contacts "amount/sum of a deal" will be shown.

It would be practical if a user had access to all the contacts from his team but for deals limited access rights to view.

When creating a new user you can choose as it is explained by HS --> View: use the dropdown menu to the right to select which set of contacts the user is able to view based on ownership. Your options are EverythingTeam and unassignedTeam onlyOwned and Unassigned, and Owned only.


There is another more general settings option but it seems like that the previously mentioned setting outweighs this one:

--> Set the properties your team sees on deal records.
Choose the properties that will be displayed on all deal records for all users in your CRM.

No matter what the general setting is users seem to have full access according to their individual setting (team or owned) but to no other contacts' information. Maybe someone could clarify how these two similar thus supposedly different settings should be used.

Thank you very much.

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @TAM  See below for answers to your enquiries:


Regarding deal amounts, at this time it is not possible to hide the deal amount (or any other property) from a user that is authorized to view the deal record. If the deal amount is sensitive information for your team, you will not be able to use the HubSpot CRM. 


When creating a new user, the dropdown refers to which records the user will be able to see. Whatever is chosen (Team-Owned vs All vs Owned-only), the user will be able to view all properties within those records. Per above, it is not possible to limit which properties a user can see or not see. 


Finally, the Choose the properties that will be displayed on all deal records for all users in your CRM setting refers to the left sidebar of the deal record. You can customize and reorder which properties are seen in the sidebar. Inclusion of the property on the sidebar does not limit a user from seeing other properties; they can view those properties by clicking on the View All Properties button. 


I hope this clears things up.


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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