Ability to export checkbox options for a property


Previously we've manualled entered over 800 options for one of our properties and checked these options as we encountered a contact. Is there a way to export the values that we've created for this property? As I want to fix the available options in a new csv file to match so we don't get errors when I bulk update the contact list. 

When I've used the export option in the property it's only given me the ones that are already checked for a contact (and even then not all of those).

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Hey @cbegley,


We are able to do this for you with very little effort, no problem.  We have a tool hooked up to HubSpot's APIs and as a user you have access to an import functionality of the tool.  Our tech team has the capability to export(not availbable to the public yet) everything from your instance including the 800 checkbox options in your dropdowns, any activity(clicks, views, opens.) along with any object/activity/engagement.


You can reach out to me at scot@trujay.com and we'll get you a .csv file with that data in it for you.



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This is something I need as well.  I'm sure many Enterprise Level CRM Hubspoters probably would benefit. 


I have exactly the same problem with a sub-industry property.
It would be great to have this feature.

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Hey @SkeeStylus @HCornu 


Thank you for your feedback. I'd recommend to upvote to this idea and add your feedback, our product team is always checking this forum to receive feedback and implement new features. 




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