A DRAMATIC request for help!


To start with let me say that I am sure that hibspot, when desired, and used properly is an AMAZING product.

Unfortunately I have no desire to use it, I'm just looking for some help.

I have tried the front end CHAT, and gotten no where, so when I hit support and "submit a support ticket" I seem to get thrown into an endless loop that would only be broken by registering, which I did, and now I am once again caught in a loop.

However in the past I have found forums great resources and Im hopng this will be the same:


Last night I was creating some rules in my wifes GMAIL account, and I sent some test emails from my gmail account to make sure they worked.


SUDDENLY everything I sent was BCC'd to 1040833@hubspot.com


I dont know who that is, I'm thinking/hoping/praying thats someones hubspot account number. But I cant tell, because I cant get any help from hubspot. If any of you has ever experienced anything like this OR better yet, has a direct link to email or "submit an issue" I would very much appreciate this.






PS: I did eventually create a 'test account' on Hubspot (thats how Im here), but its based off the trash collection account on my own server.



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Do you have the HubSpot Sales Extension for Gmail installed?


The only way an email coming from Gmail would have a HubID in the BCC field (which should be your HubID, nobody else's, unless you've manually put in something different) is if you have the Sales Extension installed. This extension allows you to log emails in HubSpot from your Gmail client. It can be setup manually, by copy and pasting the BCC address in yourself,  or automatically, if you have the Log and Track boxes checked while sending emails. For reference on how the extension is setup, read this: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/settings/how-to-setup-log-in-crm 


If you're unsure of what your HubID is you can view it in the top right corner once you log into your account. It's a 7-digit number. 



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