3CX Integration

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We've been using the calling function from Hubspot for the past few months via a Twilio phone account. So we've been paying for 'minutes'. It's worked really well and phone calls have been tracked with the contacts record.

But we recently got 3CX and are trying to get it integrated to 'talk to each other'. We can't seem to get Hubspot to call out through 3CX. It just still goes through Twilio. We want to eliminate Twilio and only call through 3CX on Hubspot. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what we should be doing?

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3CX Integration

@CLyons  We're using 3CX webclient. 3CX intergration does not work on Hubspot. However, we copy the phone number and paste directly to 3CX webclient website to call. And somehow Hubspot recorded the call (able to listen agian) in Hubspot activity.

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Guide | Diamond Partner

3CX Integration

Hi @CLyons ,

There seem like no native integration of 3C with HubSpot but you have to craete an app for that.
Refer this article here to know more.

Hope this helps!

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