2 contacts, 1 HubSpot record.


Currently we sync all of our contacts from our CRM (Ms Dynamics) to HS through an integration. Our registration form on our website has to be a non-hubspot form because of its connection to our eCommerce CMS. Currently there is no setting to create new contacts for unique email addresses for non-HubSpot forms. So if anyone uses the same browser or one of our employees helps by registering a customer for the website their CRM records get merged into 1 HubSpot record and causes a lot of data integriy issues. 


I know that there is no out of the box functionality to create new contacts for unqiue email addresses for non-hubspot forms, but is there any work around that is known to get around this?  We cannot be the only company forced to use a non-hubspot form for site registration. 

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Hi @Lguerra ,


Assuming you are using this feature of HubSpot, you could try this work around:


  1. Disable that feature, or implement some Javascript that prevents this specific form from submitting to HubSpot. 
  2. Write some Javascript that fires onSubmit of your form and makes a submission to a HubSpot form via HubSpot Form API. Be sure to not send through the HUTK value.

That way you can simulate a form submission into HubSpot, creating new contacts whenever a new email address is entered in the form.