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    • My company uses the sales hub but we are trying to use our sales data to create effective marketing reports by utilizing the tools provided by the Sales Hub Professional subscription. We are not looking to add the Marketing Hub Professional subscription. Can anyone provide insight on how to create effective markteting reports (using custom report builder or other tools) with the tools provided by the sales hub? Specifically we are trying to trac more
    • I'm being asked for a report showing Close Rate or Conversion Rate based on Qualified Sales Leads. Basically, they need to know how many sales we're closing out of total of Qualified Sales Leads instead of total of deals, is this possible? more
    • When our company first started with HS, we built individual sales pipelines for each of the 5 verticals we sold into + sales pipelines for pre- and post-sale steps to fulfill orders and ensure successful implementation, as each business line followed different processes and didn't much overlap. Now that we've been able to build synergy between our services/products to offer much more holistic solutions (and now that we're looking at everything t more
    • Hello guys, myself Emmanuel Katto from Uganda (Africa). I wanted to know how can I improve the lead quality on Hubspot? more
    • If you are having trouble registering your phone number, please read this post before posting your question. If you are unable to register a phone number with HubSpot, please see this document to verify whether your country number is supported by HubSpot sales. Please note: HubSpot Sales Free and HubSpot Sales Pro users are subject to different limitations. Supported countries for HubSpot Sales Free users: Austra more

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CharlotteJ on January 17, 2022
One of the best ways to learn is by doing and sharing with other new HubSpot Sales Hub users, just like you. That’s why we’re so excited about this space to learn and grow better together! To get started, say hello and introduce you read more
101 Replies
December 04, 2023
Hello, my name is Katie Pulli. I am the Head of Sales and Business Development at a custom lighting manufacturer that specializes in serving the more
CharlotteJ on December 14, 2021
Welcome to our Community-enabled onboarding program! In this introductory video we will be guiding you through the very first steps to successfully start your journey with theSales Hub of Hubspot. We will notably talk about how to set up read more
11 Replies
December 03, 2023
Sales Hub Pro's "Onboarding Step 1: Strong Foundations" is the initial phase of the onboarding process designed to establish a solid groundwork for more
seven_neves on December 07, 2023
Hi Folks, We have recently started an external sales team who are calling on clients/propects at their office or warehouse. As a result, we would like the reps to be able to log these types of calls as a Site Visit in place of a Call or Meeting read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
December 07, 2023
Hi Karsten, That is exactly where I am referencing. We'll keep this in mind as the business scales up. Thank you
CValenghi on December 07, 2023
We protocoll every income email directly in our deal. Afterward we assign an emplyee who takes contact to the clients demand. Somehow it is not possible to answer directly the first protocolled email. Why? Or how can the setting be changed, so that read more
0 upvote
12 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 07, 2023
Hallo @CValenghi , niemand hat behauptet, dass der Fehler bei den Kolleg*innen liegt – wir weisen lediglich darauf hin, dass es more
JCuadrado on December 06, 2023
The smart rules button appears to be enabled but no matter how many times I click on the button it's simply not saving anymore. It did save yesterday but the rules are no longer applying. Is this a HubSpot Bug or is there something I'm doing wron read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 07, 2023
Hi @JCuadrado , Have you tried another browser? If not, can you try disabling all of your browser extensions and deleting cache / cookies? more
ALieber on December 06, 2023
I have entered a note on the wrong company. How can I delete it?
1 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Partner
December 07, 2023
Hey @ALieber Navigate to contacts and click on the contact record in the activities go to the notes section and follow the steps as more
sberry11 on December 06, 2023
Admittedly, reports is by far the hardest part of HS for me to get my head around. I want to create a report on our deals closed within an adjustable timeframe that have a meeting associated with it versus those without. We are just starting to get read more
December 06, 2023
I should follow up to say, our goal is to determine if a meeting increases the % of deals that close. We consider a meeting when we visit them more
willvv on December 06, 2023
Seen this behavior several times in the past few times. We use the bcc address to record emails sent out to contacts. The emails (and replies from clients) are recorded to the contact record but not to the deal. The dealls are not closed an read more
Community Manager
December 06, 2023
Hi @willvv , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! As outlined in this KB documentation: Associate activities with records. more