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    • Hi, We are in the process of automating our renewals by using Deals and Workflows. We have come to a stop due to a current problem and I am wondering if you can help with any ideas. We have a workflow that will autocreate deal if marked as "closed won" & another property called "auto-renew" which is basically a trigger to recreate that exact deal and treat it as a renewal. The first instance we do this, the deal is recreated exa more
    • Hello! I have been doing some research and have been having a hard time finding a solution to our problem. We currently are a buisness that has 2 locations, these two locations will not share contacts. On our website we have two different forms based on where the person visits us. I want to be able to have different sequences for each of these two forms. There will be no crossover between these two as they are in much different locations. more
    • We have a product in our portfolio that can be bought over 1, 3 or 5 years. If a customer wants to see prices for each option we currently create 3 deals for visibility. When the customer choose the option they prefer we mark the other 2 deals as lost. If we then look at lost deals for a given time period we often see a lot of lost deals and a high total lost value for customers we have actually sold our product too, heavily skewing the vi more
    • We've been working to create an email based on specific service type closed. Ideally, the following would be true: If a deal closes AND The deal has a Service Type of X or Y or Z THEN A specific email is trigger (based on the service type) to the prospect from the account executive who closes the deal The logic above is very possible. What does not seem possible is, within a workflow, to have an email come from the account executive withou more
    • Question for the group: We have one service that is completed over six months, and it is billed twice. 1/2 at 3 months and 1/2 at 6 month mark. I don't believe we are utilizing the Deal amount to it's best feature. The team had been creating two deal cards to be able to show the revenue in our reporting. But not associating the two deal cards together. Is there a better best practice? Any way to use one deal card but split out the re more

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sjudson on December 04, 2023
Summary Microsoft recently announced a new version of Outlook that does not support VSTO add-ins, and with that its intention to move away from the VSTO add-in framework entirely. This announcement naturally impacts the HubSpot Sales VSTO read more
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qngo144 on June 19, 2024
Hello everyone, I have an email inbox in Conversations, by default, the new email thread will be associated with the sender's contact email but I don't want to work this way. I can observed there is a way to disassociate the contact from the read more
June 19, 2024
I met the same issue. I also tried with Conversations API but it only allows me to update the status or archived property only with PATH method. more
AThorat5 on June 19, 2024
I have uploaded a XLSX file but some columns were not captured by hubspot why is it so? columns like company name, phone number mobile number were not caputred in hubspot. What should I do that to get all the data in those columns?
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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 19, 2024
@AThorat5 were there any errors when you processed the import? It should have had you verify the mapping of the columns to corresponding more
oddleon on June 19, 2024
I want to make a report showing all new logos we have landed within a given timeframe in a region. Currently this is not possible, and I wonder if and how people have soved this. I cannot be the only one that wnats to report on this.
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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 19, 2024
@oddleon you would need to create a custom report using multiple objects - so that you can measure on company properties and deal properties. more
BruceProck on June 19, 2024
Can a workflow event delay listen for a reply from a marketing email sent to an inside team member using the marketing email criteria?
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Hall of Famer | Partner
June 20, 2024
Hi @BruceProck , As far as I know: no. The workflow is focused around the enrolled contact, not the recipient of the internal marketing more
Josh_Berman_8 on June 19, 2024
When did HubSpot grant the ability to report SMS Activity? In the past, SMS was not a filtered "Activity Type", therefore there was never the ability to report how many SMS's have been manually or autoamtically logged into the contact record.
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Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
June 19, 2024
Hi @Josh_Berman_8 , It has been there for several months if not more than a year. I don't recall the specific timeframe. Josh
ZEizenberg on June 19, 2024
I am looking into how to create the following workflow: When a deal stage changes to "Closed won", an internal email is sent with the deal's line-items info (produtc, term, price, billing frequency, etc.) incorporated automatically in the email read more
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