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    • Hi, I want to create a workflow to send an email to external email address from a workflow of a custom object, it seems that it is not possible atm. Any of you know about a free app to do so? or how this can be achieved? Thanks! 😀 more
    • Our sales team have just started using HubSpot. They have been creating new contacts, which then automatically create the new company. The company domain is filled automatically using the email domain. All good so far. However, the Company Name ("name" within Company) is not filled in. We have insights turned off, as we need to ensure 100% that the data is correct. What is the best practice for getting that name field filled in? When more
    • Hi community! 👋 I was wondering if anyone could shed light on this topic. When creating a contact in HubSpot, is it required to select an option within the "Legal basis for processing the contact's data" dropdown? If you don't select any option and you create a sequence for outreach, will this implicate anything towards communication with a specific list of contacts? I'm asking this as I plan to create a sequence of an outreach campa more
    • I'm looking for a way to create a Company property where the options for the property is the list of companies. I'm trying to build out the network/connections of our clients and prospects. For example, XYZ does business with ABC and DEF also does business with ABC so it would be great to go to the company profile and see how companies are connected. more
    • Hi All, I have a question regarding the 'lost' stage in the deals pipelines. We would like to make sure that if the deal is in the 'lost' stage and the customer/potential partner replies or sends another email that the deal moves back to another self specified stage. I tried creating this through workflows but didn't seem to get very far. Has anybody created something similar? more

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MiaSrebrnjak on January 31, 2024
Our Community is home to exceptional humans who also happen to be very skilled at using HubSpot! 🙂 They not only know the software inside out but also often find imaginative and innovative ways to configure it to fit their business needs. read more
Community Manager
February 13, 2024
Thank you to all who have added examples in the thread last week! 🙏 We've selected a couple and featured them in a separate post here more
ETvelia on April 22, 2024
Hello! I am looking to create a folder for each client in my conversations inbox. I know we cannot directly do that - but I am wondering if anyone has a workaround? I need the folks in this inbox to be able to move emails regarding specific clients read more
LChen5 on April 22, 2024
I need to export all contacts who are associated with more than 1 company in Hubspot, and also be able to export company-level information (in this case, Company ID) for all of the non-primary companies associated with that contact. Is there a w read more
CTurgut on April 22, 2024
Hello, I'm having trouble connecting our support email address to Hubspot. I need the emails sent to this address (from the website contact form) to appear on Hubspot directly. I've added as an email from th read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
April 22, 2024
Hello @CTurgut Have you connected your domain with hubspot? If not then you must try it from here - more
RReicker on April 22, 2024
Hi, Tring to create workflow where a slack notification gets sent out in the event of an order eing processed on the Canadian ide of our business. We have something similar setup where a slack messsage is sent out to the team when we sign up a ne read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
April 22, 2024
Hi @RReicker Have you used the "test" functionality in the workflow to see why the companies are not enrolling and why notifications are more
MiriamPeterson on April 22, 2024
I synchronized my google contacts with crm Hubspot and now many middle names are put as the first last name. How do I fix it?!
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superdan on April 22, 2024
I'm trying to set up my scheduling link so that the available slots are based on two different google accounts - each with their own calendar. I am not looking for round robin or group scheduling. This is for a single user, and meetings read more
Key Advisor
April 22, 2024
Hi @superdan Technically that would be a group meeting as both calendars need to have availability for someone to book a time. So more