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    • Hello, I have an issue and wonder if there is a solution. For example we have in our customer list cases like this so the companie's name is pandabuy, in our list there is a pandabuy for 7 different cities, so panda buy paris, panda buy tokio etc, and these are registred as different companies or customers. Would it be possible to collect these 7 shops in 1 company account panda buy. In this way the list would be more clean. Thank you in more
    • Hi everyone! I have the following use case and hope that someone already found a solution for it: We work project based and multiple people can be involved in one project. We track this by having multiple user properties Now I wanna create a report that shows involvement per user Sure - I could create multiple reports for each user property so you can see how often someone was assigned in each property BUT that comes with the downside o more
    • Hi all, We're looking for good scheduling software we can integrate with. We schedule estimates but don't assign them to the sales reps till the day before because we assign appointments based off of sales performace over the last two weeks and estimate location distances from each other. Whats the best scheduling software to intigrate with for this? Any pointers on achieving this would be great! more
    • Is there a way to utilize a workflow so if a user sends an email along with tracking that will add a Task to their to-do list to follow up if that email has not been opened in x amount of days? I can see how to add the email open as a trigger for a workflow, but not how to say "if NOT opened after 5 days" add this Task. Thanks! more
    • Hi all, I would like to record and track sales rep activities. These activities include:- entertainment, presentations, meetings, roadshows and such. I am not sure where or what property i could create to let sales rep select from an activity dropdown list and record dates for said activities associated to a lead/contact. Additionally, would like a custom report that shows a) all activities of a particular sales rep and b) all activites acro more

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sjudson on December 04, 2023
Summary Microsoft recently announced a new version of Outlook that does not support VSTO add-ins, and with that its intention to move away from the VSTO add-in framework entirely. This announcement naturally impacts the HubSpot Sales VSTO read more
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Junioreis22 on May 14, 2024
Meu nome é Junior e sou Country Manager na Treble AI, onde oferecemos soluções inovadoras para melhorar a comunicação entre empresas e clientes. Nos últimos 4 anos, tenho ajudado organizações a transformar seus negócios usando o WhatsApp, o ca read more
4 Replies
May 15, 2024
@Brenner obrigado por trazer esse ponto! Sim, é possível enviar estes lembretes de reuniões pela integração da treble, e pela solução de more
BVIR on May 23, 2024
Hello Community, We recently upgraded from free to starter. Our team is having issues with our template and lists. 1) We have created a template to send automated email. Where we have designated the hubspot personalized "first name" for the read more
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MChanning on May 23, 2024
We use the free version of HubSpot. We send emaisl from the HubSpot mail client We use the email signature templates which are included within HubSpot I am being asked if we can adapt the included email signature templates to incorporate our bra read more
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KCommunityCen2 on May 23, 2024
My account has not been verified but I have not been given information on why and it says the decision is final. The issue may be that I used the name of the company rather than my personal name when setting up. We are a community centre so I di read more
rickgoz on May 23, 2024
Hi, The new prospecting workspace is great and I completly stoped using Lead Status now - however, it seems that we don't have the same level of analytics off the shelf than we use to have with Deal Analysis of Lifecycle Stage Analysis. Is t read more
heatherlodge on May 23, 2024
I'm working with a SLG SaaS client that moving towards a self-service/PLG model. They have asked how the self-serve leads will impact their current Deals pipeline - what stage they will be in, etc. My gut tells me that self-serve does not need read more
Top Contributor | Partner
May 23, 2024
Hi @heatherlodge , For successful self-service purchases I would just put these deals straight into the Closed Won Deal Stage. If more
KSergieva11 on May 23, 2024
Hey guys, Could you please assist me with the following case: We have a form on our website that is connected with a round robin meeting link from HubSpot. We want to assign the contact owner of that contact to be the same person that would hav read more
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