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CClark04 on Dezembro 12, 2023
I've had some feedback from users that the way progress through the Step Indicator is displayed visually is confusing. In this example, I believe it is being communicated very clearly, that the user is currently on the Second step, the First step h Leia mais
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Participante de valor | Parceiro Elite
Dezembro 13, 2023
@CClark04 ah ok, that makes more sense, I knew I had to be missing something! I was having trouble connecting the dots, since you're creatin...Leia mais
SJMorris on Setembro 08, 2023
Thank you everyone for your support on CRM customization! Now that we are officially public with the CRM customization beta , we're moving our community discussions to the HubSpot Developer Slack Community . Once you've accessed the Leia mais
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VRandima on Agosto 22, 2023
{ "type": "crm-card", "data": { "title": "CRM Card", "location": "", "fetch": { "targetFunction": "crm-card", "objectTypes": [ { "name": "p_cat", "propertiesToSend": Leia mais
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Bob2245 on Maio 26, 2023
Is it correct that you need Super Admin rights to access the CRM Development Tools? I've just had a developer who needed to generate a personal access key. He's not a Super Admin, and while he was able to tick all other scopes, the Developer Project Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Elite
Novembro 16, 2023
Is there any time line when these permission setting may be in place?
Denise_Thijzen on Abril 25, 2023
A quick update for anyone using the CLI to interact with Development Sandboxes. On May 8th , we’ll be making an update that requires users of development sandboxes to re-generate their personal access key in their production account an Leia mais
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chrismcgovern20 on Abril 18, 2023
It seems like a large use case for this functionality is the ability to perform specific functions outside of a simple field update directly from the CRM object UI - especially when implemented with custom objects. Right now, a major limiting Leia mais
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