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HeitorSantos on December 05, 2022
Hello everyone! I'm using the crm card to create custom actions that return all the deals and with the return of those deals I create a card that has two YES and NO buttons. And when clicking on one of these buttons it should update a property of read more
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HubSpot Product Team
December 05, 2022 15:29
@HeitorSantos when you mention updating property of the business - does it mean the object property of a company record?
grantmcinnes on November 18, 2022
G'day Hubspot Team! Thanks for the new CRM Dev Tools, specifically the CRM Cards. Are there any plans to allow the published cards that display in the Custom tab to be collapsible? I have 4 custom cards that are displaying alot of data and it would read more
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November 28, 2022 07:02
Yes, I am open to sharing the contents on the card privately. I messaged you.
CCRyan on November 16, 2022
Hi Hubspot team, Today, internally, we keep some sales info in HS, while there are other data points that we keep in various Google Docs and/or Sheets. It would be helpful if we could embed said Google Docs and/or Sheets as part of a custom car read more
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November 22, 2022 12:43
Thanks @sejal_parikh ! I hear you loud and clear re: concerns about UX consistency and that using a modal is a potential workaround. To the more
LeeBartelme on November 15, 2022
The docuemntation displays this code for an example serverless.json file: // A serverless.json file configured // for an API endpoint function { "runtime": "nodejs12.x", "version": "1.0", "endpoints": { "path/to/endpoint": { "f read more
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HubSpot Employee
November 28, 2022 05:55
Just trying to make a serverless function but using the new tools vs the old tools.
MKukanjac on November 08, 2022
Hello, I've been working with the Custom CRM Cards in the middle pane and I've stumbled upon a "problem". Or, probably I am doing something wrong 🙂 In the button component example that we have in the documentation , when you click the butt read more
HubSpot Product Team
November 16, 2022 14:02
We are trying to get it out soon, tentatively next month.
TL531 on November 02, 2022
Hello It seems like the serverless functions that power CRM Cards time out after 2 seconds. This is troubling as most calls to outside endpoints can take more than 2 seconds to initiate ask and return. Even more troubling and frankly embarrasin read more
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November 09, 2022 10:28
Sick, thanks for investigating
TL531 on November 02, 2022
Hey all I think you had mentioned this was no longer possible Sejal; is there anyway around it? We do a large portion of our proofing on developer accounts and would like to still utilize projects with them. Thanks!
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November 02, 2022 11:38
Hey Mark thanks for the reply. We specificially mean Developer Test Accounts, which we primarily use to test integrations against data sets that more
PAtlan on November 02, 2022
Hi, On my sandbox, when I run the out-of-the-box iFrame example ( ) of the CRM Development tools, the modal window is displayed with the following title: – [missing {{ ac read more
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Participant | Elite Partner
November 02, 2022 09:31
+2 for this bug. I also see the same text pictured above when using an iFrame in the sidebar panel.
sejal_parikh on October 26, 2022
Hope you registered for HubSpot.Extend() ! We will demo all the new tools in this beta during one of the sessions and we have some amazing keynotes too.
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Top Contributor | Partner
October 27, 2022 15:23
I was at the [Networking] Building Trust, Inspiration, and Connection during HubSpot.Extend(). The was a lot of talk about growing, nurturing more
TL531 on October 18, 2022
Hey all! I know it's stated that Sales and/or Service Hub Enterprise is required in order to use this tool, but my question is as follows: Currently Serverless Functions require CRM Enterprise. I see through the documentation for the CRM Cards tha read more
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HubSpot Product Team
October 21, 2022 10:03
I can confirm that you can use all the features documented if you have Sales or Service Hub enterprise and do not need any other tier to be able to more
sejal_parikh on October 12, 2022
Welcome to the community group for CRM development beta, thank you for participating and being a part of this community. Introduce yourself in the comments to let us know where you work, what you do, and how and what you're using this beta for. read more
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November 13, 2022 03:33
Hi @sejal_parikh , Is it possible to have this unlocked on a development account to test before deplaying to a customers production portal?
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