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New Contributor
Joined June-2017
Posts: 9

Include other css files into the main css


I would like to include other CSS files in my main CSS file to keep all structured. I don't want to use @import and i would like to use the variables from an include inside another include.


Is this possible?


This is not working:


/* CSS @imports must be at the top of the file */
/* Add them above this section                 */

/* HubSpot Style Boilerplate            */

/* These includes are optional, but helpful. */
{% include "hubspot/styles/responsive/modules.css" %}
{% include "hubspot/styles/patches/recommended.css" %}

{% include "{{ get_public_template_url("Custom/page/Standaardisatie/responsive.css") }}" %}
{% include "{{ get_public_template_url("Custom/page/Standaardisatie/margins.css") }}" %}

/* Start your style declarations here    */

Thank you.

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HubSpot Employee
Joined March-2017
Posts: 28

Re: Include other css files into the main css

Hey @remiwebs,
Out of curiosity why don't you want to use the @import option? You could do something like this,

@import url({{ get_public_template_url("Custom/page/Standaardisatie/margins.css") }});

That will work. If you want to do your include option then you could do this instead.


{% include "Custom/page/Standaardisatie/margins.css" %}
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