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New Contributor
Joined March-2017
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Digital tag not transmitting email address data

I put a tag onto a Hubspot landing page in order to track conversions from our digital ad campaigns. However, it's an external tag provided by our digital service and the tag is not transmitting back to them the submitted email address given via the form on the lp. Our in-house developers say they can't help because they don't know Hubspot and Hubspot is not able to help because it's an external tag. So hoping someone here can assist! Here are the tags I was given:



I tried subbing out the email variable to match what Hubspot calls an email address "EMAIL" and added in the double {{ }} but that didn't work. Any ideas?

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Regular Contributor
Joined January-2017
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Re: Digital tag not transmitting email address data

[ Edited ]


I guess you tried the {{ }} tag?


I am not sure when the tag is available. The contact fills out the form and is then known to the system but the tag might not be available unless the page is refreshed. Have you tried placing your script on the Thank You page instead of the page where the form is on?

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