Anchor Link Scroll Effect Using a Hubspot CTA

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Hi, Im trying to add a link to a cta button so that when clicked the page scrolls. Unfortunatly in the cta edit I need to add a valid URL protocol to the link field. I can only add the whole url which forces the page to reload to the anchor point rather than allowing me to just add #anchorname into the link field.

Is there any way that I can use hubspot cta buttons to call a #anchorname only?

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Is there a reason your trying to use a CTA for this  vs a regular HTML anchor tag? CTA's are used to track views, clicks and submissions for converstion analytics. I don't see a whole lot of value using a CTA over a standard HTML anchor link for in-page navigation.

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@ndwilliams3 I would completely agree! Unless you had a specific reason for doing so, I wouldn't think that a page navigation would need to be built with CTAs. @Woodsy I don't believe that you can use relative URLs in the CTA tool but you can follow along with the instructions in this Academy article ( to add an anchor ID to the end of an absolute URL.