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August 16, 2023
This was a great video. It is important to know the difference between WordPress and HubSpot and when free is not free and may not be secure - and more
gabriel-nextiny on July 13, 2023
HubSpot vs Wordpress : Which Is Best for Driving SEO, Lead Generation, and Business Growth? In the past decade, WordPress has become the most popular content management system in the world. With its user-friendly interface and wi read more
September 14, 2023
WordPress dot com is as good as WordPress dot org in terms of SEO. Both are CMS-friendly. I haven't used Hubspot CMS. Tell me something new.
gabriel-nextiny on May 08, 2023
As a business owner, you understand that an effective marketing strategy is crucial to your success. In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, it can be challenging to know which tools and approaches to prioritize. For example, some p read more
Community Manager
May 09, 2023
Interesting read, thanks for sharing @gabriel-nextiny ! 🙂
gabriel-nextiny on January 21, 2023
Check out this article and event recording to learn how to create websites that turn visitors into customers using the HubSpot CMS. Where to Start: 1. Understand Your Goals 2. Index All Pages 3. Collect Available Data 4. As read more
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
January 26, 2023
@gabriel-nextiny thanks for sharing the recap, this was a really great session with your team - love the keep it simple approach!
gabriel-nextiny on November 24, 2022
How do you organize your home page content? Do you use any specific structure to optimize for conversions? Do you follow any methodologies? We are big believers in Story Brand and apply it to most of our Websites. Learn more abo read more
March 26, 2023
nice post
Jnix284 on August 31, 2022
As someone who "grew up" with the HubSpot CMS (I launched my first website in 2016 using the COS and many more since) it is hard to see CMS Hub with fresh eyes, as what it is today, without thinking about all the challenges I've faced to get here. read more
February 21, 2023
I have reached out to sales to see what they can do about it. It is kind of frustrating that for a smaller company like ours (8 reps) that we need more