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gabriel-nextiny on January 21, 2023
Check out this article and event recording to learn how to create websites that turn visitors into customers using the HubSpot CMS. Where to Start: 1. Understand Your Goals 2. Index All Pages 3. Collect Available Data 4. As read more
Thought Leader | Partner
January 26, 2023
@gabriel-nextiny thanks for sharing the recap, this was a really great session with your team - love the keep it simple approach!
gabriel-nextiny on November 24, 2022
How do you organize your home page content? Do you use any specific structure to optimize for conversions? Do you follow any methodologies? We are big believers in Story Brand and apply it to most of our Websites. Learn more abo read more
Jnix284 on August 31, 2022
As someone who "grew up" with the HubSpot CMS (I launched my first website in 2016 using the COS and many more since) it is hard to see CMS Hub with fresh eyes, as what it is today, without thinking about all the challenges I've faced to get here. read more
Thought Leader | Partner
February 01, 2023
Hi @Jeannairene68 what CMS are you currently using? and are you in the process of migrating? Sometimes removing our biases is definitely more
pcmethods on July 27, 2022
I am using semrush to find errors on my website. It found that one of the RSS.XML files has three ways to point to it and I want just one of them to be canonical. The other two links have ?hslang=EN and ?hslang=en-us added to it. This make read more
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Thought Leader | Partner
August 25, 2022
the new "Enable Language Specific Redirects" set to default really messed with a lot of SEMrush reports, I've seen this popping up all week 😬
gabriel-nextiny on July 12, 2022
We had a great SEO event. (recording below) We discussed SEO, why Google decides to show or not to show your page on the Search, and some easy ways to build websites as marketers to rank on Google. Watch the recording here: As read more
Jnix284 on July 06, 2022
During the last CMS for Marketers AMA hosted by Nextiny, one thing that @gabriel-nextiny said that really stood out to me was how complicated many marketers make SEO, but in fact, it is actually quite simple. 🤔 💡 The conversation about read more
Thought Leader | Partner
July 21, 2022
Thanks @gabriel-nextiny , loved this office hours, so much valuable information packed in! 🙌