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selectattr with variable value seems to have a bug



I struggling with this seemingly simple script:


{% set rows = hubdb_table_rows(XXXX) %}

{% set test = hubdb_table_row(XXXX,YYYY) %}
{% set queryValue = test.title %}

{% set match = rows|selectattr('title','eq', queryValue ) %}

{{ match }}


renders: []


So I create a collection by getting the table rows.

I get a single row in the test variable, from the same table.

I take the value of one property of that row

I use that value to filter the rows and find that one row. In theory this should return at least the one row that I fetched in 'test', but it returns nothing.


This is not my real use case, just an illustration of what I think is a bug. In my real case I'm not setting the queryValue to a value that I fetched from the row. It is a different one and I want to find the rows that match. This is just an illustration that selectattr seems to break when the last argument is a variable.

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selectattr with variable value seems to have a bug

Hi PDeT,

test variable stored the set of records. you need to print test variable. so you will see, that's not a title but it's a rows

{# get all hubDB records at rows #}
{% set rows = hubdb_table_rows(5630042,93304468552) %}

{% set test = hubdb_table_rows(5630042,93304468553) %}
{% set queryValue = test[0].name %} {# OUTPUT Pratik #}

{# test variable get set of row. so you need to select specific row. test object stored [{},{},{}] of records. #}
{% set match = rows|selectattr('name','eq', queryValue ) %}

    queryValue - {{ queryValue }} 
    match - {{ match }}






Screenshot at Nov 28 16-40-03.png

Screenshot at Nov 28 16-42-41.png


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selectattr with variable value seems to have a bug

hi @2CUBE-Studio ,


In my example, the test is filled from hubdb_table_row which is a different function from your example hubdb_table_rows.


Anyway, a lot more debugging later, it appears to be a data issue (and a hubl issue). For some records taking the title and then running a selectattr with that title returns no results, for others, it worked. So depending on the value of YYYY I had sometimes normal results and sometimes no result.

This is a bug imho, although a different one then I initially thought. If you take the value of a property of a row as the value for a filter on that same property, you should at least get the row from which it was taken as a result. An empty result is broken math 😉


Probably there happens some sanitation of some sort on the value, which then causes it not to match anymore with the original value, resulting in an empty match collection. I haven't found the possible cause for this. At first I thought it could be the space in the string, but another record which also had a space in the title field worked fine.


I'll go back to my client and pressure them a little harder to not try to match on titles but on id's, which I hope will have fewer problems.


Kind regards,



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