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I have few struggles with our blog in our website. 

So our blog is here (it is not yet linked to our website due to these issues) https://stooriblogi.digistoori.fi/ 

My question is: is there a way to change the language on the "Next" and "Previous" links on the bottom of the blog page.  As our website and sales language is Finnish it looks little odd that these texts are in English.  So is there a way to change them?


Also our "All pages" link (which wasnt present in our original website but was made for the template for some reason) looks really odd and is unnecessary for our website layout. So is there a way to remove the link from the blog listing page? 


Thank you for all your responses in advance.
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Hi @Heta,


These little items in your blog page are hard to find, but I will show you where you can find them:

1. Go to Design tools in HubSpot

2. Open up your blog (listing) template

3. Select the 'Blog content' module in your template:

Community - Blog content section.png4. At the right of your screen, a sidebar will open. Here you select 'Edit listing template' to edit items in the Listing template:

(choose the post template if you want to edit items in there too. If you are using two separate templates for listing and post pages, you will have to do this in the separate template)

Community - Blog editsection.png


5. These templates are coded files, but you will recognize the texts very fast, because they are white (this example comes from our Dutch blog):

Community - Blog listing edit.png


6. You can do the same in the post template.


Don't forget to publish your edits!! Smiley Happy


Hope this helps you out!


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Oops, I forgot to mention how you can delete the 'All post' one!


Just delete the piece of coding from the Listing template:


Community - all posts.png


Make sure you delete the piece where you see the 'all' text appear.


Smiley Happy

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