pluging JS scramble letters

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Hi Good Morning 


In my L.P ( in my title "QUÉ ES LA NUBE" has been added a plugin JS this because mi title has an effect write and I need this effect to be repeated consecutively. But after a while the letters begin to stir.

And I don´t know why happend this....


Could you please help me to know why happen this...

I add a screenshot about it.Screenshot_20180802-091528.png


I remain to your comments.


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I suspect it's related to background tabs having js throttled and painting and redrawing getting lower priorities when your tab or even section isn't in view on certain browsers. Here's an article related to what chrome is doing.


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Hi @tjoyce

I don´t really understand the article. I have to modify something?

I  remain to your comments.


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Hi @Janette - There isn't really a whole lot you can do to control how the browser behaves related to this issue, however, you can help it out a bit by terminating your script when the browser tab is inactive and then run the script again when the browser tab is active -