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Hello, We're trying to use a Partial template in a custom coded email  and running in to a problem. We're hoping you might be able to help.


Specifically, we're trying to incorporate all of our footer content with in a partial template that we then add to our email template using code that looks this this: So with in the bottom portion of our email we have code that look like this. <tr> <td valign="top" id="templateFooter"> {% include "/standard-footer.html" %} </td> </tr>


We have a separate partial template created called "standard-footer.html" within which is our required hubspot footer tags such as "{{ site_settings.company_name }}"

Whenever we try to publish the template, we get an error stating that it can't be published because it's missing the required site settings tags. These are all in the partial template we're trying to pull in as an include.


Hope to hear your suggestions. Thanks.

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have you tried making a macro out of your footer, importing the file, and calling the macro from the file in place? I haven't "included" files in my templates except through HubL functions but importing with macros always works for me.