issue with my chatbot


Hi Guys,


I have decided to use Hubspot Chatbot on my website so l followed the instructions to set the chatbot. After integrating the code into my web site l realized the Chatbot only appears when you scroll completely down on my page which is not normal it should appear automatically when the user comes to the page. 


Here is the web site:


Can someone help me solve the issue l don't really want to switch to another Chatbot?



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@kira199 it looks like it's an issue with the transform on the body causing an issue with the position fixed inside of it. If you remove the following styles from the "partner_program-ecd09dd789a0ee4f3a51.min.css" stylesheet on line 3424 it should fix the issue:

body {
    -webkit-transform: translateZ(0)
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Hi @stefen 

Thank you very much for your help. l have followed your instructions and l have deleted cookies from my browser then refreshed my web site page and l saw the magic appeared.


Thank you again.

God bless


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