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globals for email modules

Hi, I am creating some custom modules that will be used for email tempaltes. Unfortunately using the 'import' statement doesn't work for email modules. I want to create some global variables (with style values), that will be used in all email modules. How can I achieve that, without importing that file that holds the global variables?

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globals for email modules

Hi @andre9000,

If you want to use Custom Modules for your emails, you can add them in the Template in the same way you add "Rich Text" module. If using Beta version, do select "Email" for Email specific Custom Module.

If you want to have a global typography in your email, I would suggest you to add global styles with data-hse-inline-css="true".

<style type="text/css" data-hse-inline-css="true">
      p {
         font-family: Arial, sans-serif;

This way, it goes to all p elements and adds the particular styling.

You've to add in the <head> part of your template in this way :- 



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globals for email modules

Hi @andre9000,


Are you still struggling with this matter? If so, let me know and I can work on this matter with you. 


If you did find a solution, do you mind sharing it with the Community?


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