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LKanter on June 28, 2022
Hello! Does anyone have experience creating a custom form where the "Submit" box is inline with the fillable portion of the form? In addition, creating a secondary button option? See picture!
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albertsg on June 28, 2022
Hi Community! One of my colleagues asked me a very interesting question and I don't know the answer, so let's see if someone here knows more about it 🙂 Does anyone know if it's possible to limit the type of modules allowed into a dnd read more
1 upvote
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 09:37
Hey, @albertsg 👋 I hope you've been great. I'm going to do some research on my end and see what I can find out for us. I'll follow up here with more
JHowardAdapt on June 28, 2022
Hi, I am trying to use the new merge endpoint from the api client within a custom code block of a workflow but can't seem to figure out how to do it, if it is even possible. I have called vairous other endpoints from the client like so: read more
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 12:21
Hi, @JHowardAdapt 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Let's see if our community has any experience here — @JBeatty @LMeert , do you have any insight more
PrasadKD on June 28, 2022
Hi, I'm using barricade theme in hubspot. when i want to use font-awesome icons, it's saying it is using default font-awesome 5.0.10 package. I just want to update it to new package but i didn't find exactly where it is. I'm new to programming.Pl read more
Community Manager
June 28, 2022 12:16
Hey, @PrasadKD 👋 Here are some links on adding and updating Font Awesome: Use a Font Awesome kit Insert and edit icons in rich text more
InciteJoe on June 27, 2022
Hello, I am trying to print a module such as below {% module "module_2" path="@hubspot/rich_text", label="Hero Sub-Title", html="<p>See your brand's future,<br/> where it is happening <span>today</span></p>" % read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Partner
June 28, 2022 06:02
@Jaycee_Lewis @InciteJoe an alternative is to use ` export_to_template_context=true ` with the Rich Text HubL Tag .
fiberpunk on June 27, 2022
Folks, I'm working on a module for a video page, {% video_player "embed_player" %} works nice, but how do I get any metadata for a video, eg. most notably thumbnail url, video title, source file within a module if i wanted to be a little more read more
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3 Replies
June 28, 2022 08:18
@Indra That is exactly my issue ... the last thing I have tried is to get metadata by using the file_by_id() function using the player_id that I more
JackC2720 on June 27, 2022
Hi everyone, I can't find a recent answer to this so I thought I'd ask. Is there a way to backup site content in Hubspot CMS to protect against rogue deployments? We are planning on using a dev site but if we accidentally deploy a chang read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 28, 2022 01:34
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , Thank you for your response, I will test your first point about restoring a page and see if this restores content even more
mariana_pic on June 27, 2022
I have at least three sites built in wordpress which are using hubspot CTAs. These were working just fine on friday and suddenly monday morning they are not showing anymore. read more
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June 27, 2022 06:58
I'm looking into this.
CPacheco on June 24, 2022
Hi everyone!, I found a "widget_container" tag in an old hubl layout that Im working right now, this tag appears in the current documentation in flexible columns: In this link talk read more
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Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
June 25, 2022 01:17
Hey @CPacheco - for anything new you're building, it's best to avoid widget_container. These are from the old "drag and drop templates" (yeah, the more
TCregan on June 24, 2022
Hi All, I'm new to hubspot so if the following question needs to be added to a different group I would appreciate if someone could be so kind as to point me in the right direction. I'm working on the content security policy. I've successfull read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 27, 2022 09:26
Hi, @TCregan 👋 Let's see if we can get the conversation started. Hey @miljkovicmisa @Kevin-C , do you have a next step for @TCregan ? more
kumarb1 on June 24, 2022
Hello Team, I need message and calling between hubspot contact and my own app reliable pbx. So i ask you regarding SMS channel. or how to add custom call button in contact page, onclick call button called my own API with contact and owner contact read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
June 23, 2022 05:25
Hello can i integrate my own calling functionality ? like we did call button to make a call in ticket detail page? and onclick call button called more
MSchaupp5 on June 24, 2022
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. I'm fairly new to hubspot and don't know anything about code. I downloaded this custom module that comes with the Ridge email template. It’s a hero banner for marketing emails. I would really like to adjust read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Diamond Partner
June 27, 2022 04:51
hey @MSchaupp5 , In the ridge hero section module for that email template, it was created using height spacers. I've highlighted below in the more
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