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JMendoza2 2月 23日, 2024
Does anyone have any answer to why blog_recent_tag_posts does not immediately fetch newly posted blogs? I had to update the page that uses blog_recent_tag_posts before new blog posts shows up.
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ARamanovich 2月 23日, 2024
We are currently working on enhancing the performance of our website, and one area we've identified for improvement is the size of the main document that loads upon accessing our site. The current document size appears to be significantly larger 続きを読む
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KLohmeier 2月 23日, 2024
When working to create a double opt in - and when testing the emails, the confirm button does not work. It's been tested on our internal business emails as well as two personal emails. We think think there might be an error in the code - as highlig 続きを読む
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MNecib 2月 23日, 2024
Hello there, Is there any way to add product I have created here : To en email I created from scratch here : I guess I should use the Hubl variable but don't know which one and how. Thank you for your help. Mohamed.
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GBalasubraman 2月 23日, 2024
Hi All I am using a designly template for my landing page. For my forms i have ticked the box for block free email service providers in order to block personal email id s for the registration form. Whenever I test it and enter my personal ema 続きを読む
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2月 23日, 2024 12:53
Hi, @GBalasubraman 👋 Thanks for posting. Support is correct that this looks like a CSS conflict. You can use the Chrome Dev Tools to inspect t...続きを読む
dcr 2月 23日, 2024
Hello everyone, I encountered the issue that the cookies banner is reducing website performance greatly. It holds the initial render for 10s on mobile. I don't know what I can do about it. This is the lighthouse report. of live website, I'm cu 続きを読む
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KSmithIllumine8 2月 22日, 2024
We have a private content section and need to be able to create a link that sends the currently-logged-in member an email to themselves. Documentation on pulling contact properties is limited and I have not been able to successfully get email by 続きを読む
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billsincco 2月 22日, 2024
I've been working on a custom proposal template using the default one with the flow theme. The design manager seems to be working for me and I'm able to use the bult-in modules and other logic. All that said, I just realized that users will not be u 続きを読む
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3 コメント
ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
2月 22日, 2024 16:13
Well, the data doesn't have to be placed inside a data table. In can be displayed in any way you like. It does require custom code but I have helped ...続きを読む
ambershafer 2月 22日, 2024
Hi, We signed up for a migration using Hubspot's migration support, but we didnt think to test all of the system pages before our "free fixes" window ended, and we're having issues with the password prompts page. The password prompt page does 続きを読む
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Accepted Solution
最優秀メンバー | Diamond Partner
2月 22日, 2024 15:35
I love those type of reactions 🙌
PatOfCle 2月 22日, 2024
Hey everyone, We are hosting our Hubspot blog via Hubspot CMS separate from our actual site on a subdomain. I am trying to create a custom header from my own HTML to be consistent with the header at our actual site. For some reason, it 続きを読む
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1 コメント
Accepted Solution
最優秀メンバー | Diamond Partner
2月 22日, 2024 13:53
@PatOfCle , happy to help with your question, the "Custom Header" settings you've called out is the Site Header HTML, which adds to the <head>...続きを読む
SlimSr2003 2月 22日, 2024
Hi All, I am building a custom module in HubSpot that will have a button that will open a page that displays all of the blog posts that have a specific tag. I have the module built and used the "Tag" field. the user should then be able to pick thei 続きを読む
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2 コメント
参加者 | Solutions Partner
2月 23日, 2024 13:19
Hi Anton, Thanks for the reply. I think I understand what you are getting at. But I have a couple of questions. What did you mean by this comme...続きを読む
MLundy1 2月 22日, 2024
Hi, we are in the process of migrating our Legacy CTAS. In the moment we are using the Legacy CTAS with the Button Style Link(No Style) then adding our custom CSS in advanced Setting. When migrating these CSS classes are not being transfered an 続きを読む
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1 コメント
最優秀メンバー | Diamond Partner
2月 22日, 2024 07:57
Hi @MLundy1 , I'm not sure what the options are in the migration process, when you create a new CTA you can choose Start from scratch then "Embedded...続きを読む



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