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matt_scott 5月 30日, 2023
I want to add transparent videos to my page but if I upload a working video to hubpsot it converts the file from the correct h265 encoding to the incorrect h264 encoding. I've tried with the many formats but here is an example: 続きを読む
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Michael-C 5月 30日, 2023
I've got an odd issue that seems to me to be a system bug. I'm writing a custom module, with a few fields for styling. Those fields output their user-selected values in the module.html file, like so: <aside class="callout-wrapper"> <! 続きを読む
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Sapna1 5月 29日, 2023
Hello community, I am trying to remove row after confirmation message or alert message from hubspot api in serverless function using HubSpot CMS. Thanks
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5月 29日, 2023 09:30
Hello community, I am trying to remove row after confirmation message or alert message from hubspot api in serverless function using HubSpot CMS. ...続きを読む
Shahnu97 5月 29日, 2023
Hello Everyone, I need help in fixing the below issue: 1. I have created a secondary domain for blog in sandbox environment and then i have installed custom theme there in the secondary domain which i was using the same inside my primary domain 続きを読む
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5月 29日, 2023 15:41
@Shahnu97 if you have CMS Hub Enterprise and you have both of the domains connected, then you would need to change the default domain for the blog ...続きを読む
alvarofranz 5月 27日, 2023
The way I create module fields is by using the Design Tools UI on the web, instead of manually writing the fields.json file. Then I download the module with hs fetch and keep working on it locally. If you think there is a better way, please let 続きを読む
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5月 29日, 2023 22:01
Hey, @alvarofranz 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Did you get this worked out? If not, I have a question: Have you seen this info about `id` i...続きを読む
MWeaver94 5月 26日, 2023
I was trying to create anchor points and links to those anchor points within an Accordion Module, but it's not working. What's confusing is that I have ability to create the Anchor Point within the Accordion Module, but just not enact it within the 続きを読む
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キーアドバイザー | Elite Partner
5月 30日, 2023 09:04
Just wanted to add to @Anton 's great tutorial that you can now also use scroll-margin-top or scroll-padding-top in CSS, instead of JavaScript...続きを読む
HollyRemaly 5月 26日, 2023
Hi Guys, I am trying to add a photo to the top of a repeater module. I would like the photo to be centered and to "cover" the area I've marked in red on this screenshot. But as you can see the photos are not covering the area and in some cases a 続きを読む
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ガイド役 | Platinum Partner
5月 28日, 2023 10:24
Hi @HollyRemaly I think this is because the sizes of images are different and the size of container for images is different, so you should give ...続きを読む
alvarofranz 5月 26日, 2023
The Hubspot CMS boilerplate theme uses a theme-overrrides.css file which redefines properties that can be edited via the theme settings. But it confuses me to have different properties for the same element in different files, I don't see 続きを読む
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Accepted Solution
キーアドバイザー | Elite Partner
5月 26日, 2023 09:11
No, you do not have to set up your theme in exactly the same way as the boilerplate is. It's just a guideline. Having this separate file can be usefu...続きを読む
ZAswad 5月 25日, 2023
Hello guys, Please anyone have any idea on how to change the ICon of Langauge switcher in coloned madoule. I want to change the global icon for the language switcher to the Canada flag
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1 コメント
名誉エキスパート | Diamond Partner
5月 25日, 2023 17:57
Hi @ZAswad , there are several ways how you can modify the language-switcher icon. Unfortunately none of them is "easy" but it's not "rocket scie...続きを読む
MaiaT 5月 25日, 2023
Hi! Looks like there is a bug in the design manager where, what I can see, the HubL comments stopped working? Creating errors and making code go white. Checked many different accounts and it's the same everywhere.
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1 コメント
名誉エキスパート | Diamond Partner
5月 25日, 2023 12:47
Hi @MaiaT , you're right. That's an - I assume - already known bug. You can fix that by using double comments. So instead of somethi...続きを読む
AY1 5月 24日, 2023
Hi, We have a React app, which generates random class names for HTML tags. Because of that, I have forms like <form class =" jss77 "> where 77 is a random number that may change. As a result, my app is generating a ton of non-Hubspot for 続きを読む
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1 コメント
ソートリーダー | Elite Partner
5月 25日, 2023 05:45
Hello @AY1 you can use the name attribute on the <form> element. HubSpot's form submission process relies on the form's name, so specifying...続きを読む
EricaFontimedia 5月 24日, 2023
Hi everybody, I'm trying to optimize my blog and despite it is not so difficult in Wordpress, what about HubSpot? There is the SEO section that highlights some problem like "Reduce how long the page is blocked from responding to user input" or 続きを読む
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6 コメント
投稿者 | Elite Partner
5月 26日, 2023 03:23
Hi Anton, thank for clarify. Almost nothing can be fixed with one click, neither in Wordpress. 🙂 It requires hours of jobs and to expe...続きを読む



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