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DFenton 11月 28日, 2023
Hello, We would like to add a widget with sharing options at the footer of each of our blog posts. How can I do that? See example from HubSpot blog post below.
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11月 29日, 2023 11:20
Hi, @DFenton 👋 You can build a custom module in the Design Manager . If you are not comfortable using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can reach ...続きを読む
KSmithIllumine8 11月 28日, 2023
According to HubSpot support and hours of searching in forums, it seems that the only way to test user-specific content (content that is specific to a user after they've registered and logged-in) is to set up the whole system, including hooking up t 続きを読む
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TBizzozero 11月 28日, 2023
Hi, I created different CTAs and they are all working and showing - except for the slide in banners: Details über CTAs | HubSpot What could be the issue here? Do you need more information from my side to look into this? Thanks in a 続きを読む
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AscentRyan 11月 27日, 2023
I'm using a hubspot form embed script to load a specific formId that includes a date input field. I'm trying to understand why the same form is generating different HTML depending on the domain it's hosted on. This form is set to "RAW HTML" a 続きを読む
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ACarroll-UB 11月 27日, 2023
I'm at a complete loss to get this search module into my main header in a way that doesn't completely break the system. This template was created prior to my coming into the company and the traditional header setup isn't in use so there's no where e 続きを読む
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2 コメント
11月 28日, 2023 16:31
Hey Jaycee, unfortunately, it appears to be a custom module and template. You can find the header at My programming level is mild at ...続きを読む
DSaunders35 11月 27日, 2023
Hi all, I am new to CMS development but I have a solid foundational understanding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Currently, I am interested in this full-screen feature from this website I've attached below: Videos Archive - Studio McGee (s 続きを読む
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3 コメント
11月 29日, 2023 09:19
Hi Eli, Thank you so much for the response, I think that video will be a great jumping off point for what I'm looking to implement.
AMastoris 11月 27日, 2023 I am trying to capture data using the request.search_engine variable but I have tried everything I can think of to populate it and tried visiting the site using a coup 続きを読む
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1 コメント
11月 28日, 2023 16:10
Hi, @AMastoris 👋 Thank you for your post! And thank you for including a link to the documentation you are referencing. I'd like to invite some o...続きを読む
GTaylor3 11月 27日, 2023
Tring to clone a module and getting this error....any advice?
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1 コメント
ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
11月 27日, 2023 10:45
Hey @GTaylor3 This seems to be an unexpected error I request you reach to HubSpot support directly they can better assist you in this
AzharBondi 11月 27日, 2023
Hi, I would love to be able to change the URL in the page editor where I have a dedicated URL field for that > response_redirect_url="{{ module.form_field.redirect_url }}" Right now, I am using a hard coded URL which is not very conveni 続きを読む
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1 コメント
11月 28日, 2023 15:31
Hey, @AzharBondi 👋 Did you get this resolved? I wonder if the issue you shared is related to HubL running server-side and JS being client-side. ...続きを読む
try 11月 26日, 2023
hi, I configuring hubspot domain setting whith reverse proxy, every thins looks good, but it tell me there was an problem in my DNS seting. here is the message: There was a problem verifying your domain connection. To resolve issues and get 続きを読む
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3 コメント
11月 29日, 2023 08:50
Can you give some help for us?
PVonSorella 11月 25日, 2023
Hi, I need help centering my homepage heading ( ) on MOBILE. Can someone help with this? Theme: Artdio
0 いいね!
1 コメント
ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
11月 27日, 2023 04:34
When editing the page, do you see the mobile editor button towards the top?続きを読む
DZhatov 11月 24日, 2023
Hello good people of Hubspot, really need your help here. I am building a theme, and trying to use brand colors in fields.json and then use this color as a background color for header and footer in css. What is happening is that when i use the field 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
11月 27日, 2023 13:27
Hi, @DZhatov 👋 Thanks for your post and for including some of your code. Were you able to make any progress? Best, Jaycee



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